Haakonsen is a flexible consulting firm in the area of metallurgical engineering and is a quick and easy way to get assistance when encountering material challenges.

Norwegian engineering and machining companies produce advanced and critical components for the oil industry in particular. Even though these components set high standard for the materials, few of them have the resources to hire a metallurgist full time. Haakonsen is a flexible consulting firm in the area of metallurgical engineering and is a quick and easy way to get assistance when encountering material challenges. Haakonsen can help with:

This competence can help your company to develop new products, optimize components, improve production, reduce cost and avoid wastage due to faulty material selection.

Dr. Fredrik Haakonsen has a PhD in metallurgy from NTNU in the field of materials development, with a focus on ultra high strength steels, tool steels and wear steels. He has worked as a researcher at SINTEF Materials and Chemistry with development and testing of grain refiners for steel. Later on he was employed as senior metallurgist at Kverneland Group. Here he worked with production and heat treatment, damage analysis, mechanical testing and product development. The combination of research and industrial background provides both a deep theoretical understanding and practical experience. For many years he has helped several other companies in both oil and tool industry with technical advise.

Courses and Lectures

Competence within metallurgy is vital to be able to design competitive components where strength, toughness and wear resistance are necessary. Haakonsen offers courses and lectures to increase your company’s competence which could reduce development time and cost, increase product value, and help with quality assurance towards sub suppliers and customers.

Haakonsen can customize courses and lectures for the type of materials and processes your company is interested in, such as giving an introduction to different tool and stainless steels available and the different heat treatments and hardening processes that can be performed on these. For companies purchasing cast and forged components an introduction to these processes can help to better understand cost, limitations and quality issues.


Selection of the right materials is imperative when working with demanding components that are designed in high strength or wear resistant steel. The properties of the material is not just a result of the chemical composition, but also the steel production, thermomechanical processing, relation to rolling direction, and more.

Most tool and QT steels are supplied soft annealed or at a moderate hardness. To achieve the optimum properties for your product the components will in many instances need to be heat treated as a part of the production. This heat treatment process will depend on the alloy, shape and size. To get the most out of the alloy it needs to have the correct heat treatment to get the necessary combination of hardness and toughness.

Haakonsen can assist in both small and large material related challenges and has an in-depth knowledge with material selection and heat treatment processes. Some of previous work has consisted of reviewing materials and hardening processes to adapt a procedure to the processes supplied by local companies resulting in reduced production time and transport cost.

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